jQuery Group - Round-robin tournament groups

jQuery Group is a UI component for displaying and editing round-robin tournaments. It's sister project to jQuery Bracket which does the same for single and double elimination brackets..

The project is not yet really in production shape. If you wish to see how the development progresses, please subscribe (star) to the repository at the project's GitHub page.

To use the project, you'll also need the following libraries:

Editor state

State in JSON for storing.

<- do some changes

Use the editor on left to see what the save callback receives.

Empty editor

Try toying around with an empty editor. Details below.

Create at least two teams by entering a team name and clicking "Add". This will create a match between each team (e.g. teams a, b, c get matches a-b, a-c, b-c). You can then drag the match(es) to specific rounds and input scores for each match. Number of rounds is determined by the number of participating teams and their purpose is to allow arrangement of matches so that no two teams are playing in same time slot (round).

Setting up the empty editor above is easy.

Admin view

Edit the group below.

Visitor view

See changes done on left.

This is a group with randomly generated team names and match results. You can try to edit any information: edit team names, change results, add teams and move matches by drag-and-drop between rounds.

When modifying the group, the registered save callback re-renders a "read-only" version of the group.

Starcraft 2 tournament demo

IEM Season VII - World Championship group B, data from Liquipedia